copper braid busbar

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Products type : Braid Copper Busbar

Zoete Electric customized  copper braid  current ratings



35sqmm Current Load = 195Amps

50sqmm Current  Load = 250Amps

70sqmm Current  Load= 300Amps

100sqmmCurrent  Load = 400Amps

240sqmm Current  Load = 650Amps

300sqmm Current  Load = 760Amps

500sqmm Current  Load=1100Amps

600sqmm Current  Load=1250Amps



Zoete Electric customized  copper braid  specification

  1. Main Material: copper wire(Ø 0,07/0,10 mm)

  2. The material of the contact areas is a seamless CU-ETP-tube

  3. Finish options:bare copper/silver plated/tin plated or nickle plate

  4. Insulation:Heat-shrink Tube,dip PVC

  5. Packing:Standard thick carton

  6. OEM/ODM both are welcome. Customization available for special dimension, shapes and structure.

  7. Our braid busbars are used as earthing straps and in numerous electrical components

  8. Certificate:ISO9001& IATF16949:2016


Zoete Electric customized  copper braid  features

  1. Flexibility – Copper braid provides flexibility connection and transition. In addition, tackling opposing alignments through 180 degrees can be easily overcome with this type of design.

  2. Industrial or electrical engineers know that generators, turbines and transformers are the primary causes of vibration that affects performance at key distribution points in electrical power supplies, substations and industrial plants. Braided Copper Connectors provide a flexible electrical connection and reduce vibration.

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